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All over Europe, and especially in Romania, the role of the young generation, although invoked in the public discourse, is mostly overlooked when it comes to the real debates. 

We strongly believe that youth can and, moreover, should play a decisive role in shaping their future, participating in the debates and finding creative solutions to the problems we are confronted with. Every time economists, politicians or academics are discussing, every time decisions are made in the public arena, it affects our life. 
Ironically, the young generation, in spite of being one of the most relevant stakeholder, appears to be the least interested in politics, society and public matters in general. The youth are becoming less informed, and less interested in pursuing “the common good” of the society. We believe that this trend can be reversed, and it’s our duty to promote responsible youth leadership.

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How to attend Conference location

Since places are limited to 120 (of which 50 for students) we strongly advise you to register as soon as possible. After registration please proceed to the payment menu and make sure your place is reserved. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation within 24 hours from the date of your payment.



Update: Thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to offer a further discount for this conference.  The participants that have already made the payment will receive a refund!

Important Notice! Please keep in mind that in order to attend this conference it is mandatory to register online! After you register online, you can pay online or you can chose to pay at the conference desk, but the price at the conference desk is 50% higher than payment online!

The attendance fee is now 20 RON[1] for advance payment (by card or by bank transfer) and 30RON at the registration desk!.
We do offer a special conference fee for students in the amount of 10 RON (by card or by bank transfer or 15 RON at the registration desk)
Participants employed by public institutions: please register with the discounted fee, in the amount of 10 RON. 


The fee includes:            Conference materials

Snacks and coffee on Friday and Saturday

Lunch on Friday and Saturday 

Dinner on Friday evening (invitation only) 



IMPORTANT: The Special Dinner on Friday evening (26th October) is fully sponsored by organizers and is invitation only. In order to be considered for this we kindly ask you to indicate your interest on the registration form and fill in the supplementary text box. Thank you!




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1st Day, October 25th

Facultatea de Stiinte Economice UBB, Conference room 118 

Str. Teodor Mihali, Nr.58-60 (near Iulius Mall)


2nd Day, October 26th

Opera Plaza Hotel,Conference room “Cristal”

Entrance from Str. Voltaire 7-9 (near the National Theatre Cluj Napoca)

3rd Day, October 27th

Univers T Hotel, Conference Rooms (A, B,C)

Str. Alexandru Vaida Voevod, 53-55 (near Iulius Mall)



If, at any time during the event, you need help finding directions please contact Stefana Lazarean – 0740788478.


[1]  A significant percent of the conference cost is sponsored, because we want to offer young leaders the chance to attend and contribute with their ideas while having as little financial restrictions as possible. For more details on this, or if you’re interested in becoming a partner of Responsible Youth Leadership events, please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




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