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ForuM 2012 - Visionary planning for romania

All over Europe, and especially in Romania, the role of the young generation, although invoked in the public discourse, is mostly overlooked when it comes to the real debates. 

We strongly believe that youth can and, moreover, should play a decisive role in shaping their future, participating in the debates and finding creative solutions to the problems we are confronted with. Every time economists, politicians or academics are discussing, every time decisions are made in the public arena, it affects our life. 
Ironically, the young generation, in spite of being one of the most relevant stakeholder, appears to be the least interested in politics, society and public matters in general. The youth are becoming less informed, and less interested in pursuing “the common good” of the society. We believe that this trend can be reversed, and it’s our duty to promote responsible youth leadership.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery for the 2012 Forum can be found on Facebook or Flickr .